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Virginia Coalition Press Conference hosted by Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM)

Hear what your community coalitions, trusted stakeholders, law enforcement, prevention advocates, and qualified health professionals have to say regarding the potential impacts of marijuana legalization in the state of Virginia. If you are looking to hear from a variety of perspectives on this issue, including personal experiences from families who have been affected by marijuana and the impacts felt by states who have already legalized marijuana, this is the content you are looking for!

Challenging Marijuana Legalization in Virginia

Community Coalitions of Virginia (CCoVA) has hosted a rally week in response to recent legislative changes proposed surrounding marijuana legalization within the state of Virginia. Dr. Mary Cozier discusses vital information regarding the impacts of potential legalization and shares valuable information to all how are interested in learning more about this issue.

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How to Start the Conversation and Build the Relationship with Our Children

A Special Thank You to our Presenters:

Rozlyn Giddens, Parenting Program Manager, Virginia Cooperative Extension

Heather Martinsen – Behavioral Health and Wellness Supervisor, Community Services, New Horizons Program

Mallory McKnight, Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist, PWCPS Office of Student Services

A Special Thank You to our Presenters:

Edith Trino-Boseman, Parent Education Instructor, Virginia Cooperative Extension

Vicky Castro, School Social Worker from PWCPS, and representee of HOLA, Hispanic Organization for Leadership in Action (Hola)

Questions? Comments? Connect with this presenter.

Questions? Comments? Connect with this presenter.