Super Bowl Challenge

It is no secret that the 4,000+ marketing ads we see every day have an effect on youth and young adults across the U.S. especially ads for alcohol products. They have the influential power to change the way you think, what you buy, the choices you make and even impact the decisions adults make too. By learning how to think about the ads we are seeing and understand how they affect us, we can reduce the impact they have on our brain and reduce underage and binge drinking.

The Big Bowl Vote is a young people survey about what ads you remember seeing, which ones you liked, and what you liked about those ads. Join us for the Big Bowl Vote on Sunday, February 7th through Monday, February 8th, immediately after the Super Bowl for a chance to win 2 open climb passes to the The Vertical Rock Climbing and fitness Center (no gear or prior climbing experience needed) or win 4 free admission passes to the Skate ‘N Fun Zone for you and your friends. REMEMBER, to be eligible to vote, you must be a resident of Prince William County, the City of Manassas, or Manassas Park. Save this page so that you can come back and vote after you have watched the 2021 Super Bowl!

Don’t wait! The voting survey will only be open for 24 hours after the Super Bowl is over!

4 Voters Will be Selected at Random to Win!

How to Vote.

1. After you’ve watched the Super Bowl, take a picture of the QR code below or click on the following link.

2. Fill out the survey to cast your vote. Share the link or code with your friends so they can vote too!

3. BONUS: Increase your chance to win by posting a picture to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter of your favorite substance-free Super Bowl Advertisement with the hashtags #BigBowlVotePWC and #SubstanceFreePWC.

4. Check out some of the resources below to learn more about how you can stop marketing companies from changing the way you think, what you buy or the choices you make!

How are alcohol advertisements designed to trick my brain?

Although many factors influence the use of alcohol, media communications and portrayals can influence A LOT of the decisions you make, especially the decision to drink. That is one of the reasons that alcohol companies spend over 1.7 billion dollars on advertisements for alcohol beverages. Knowing this helps us understand that awareness of Alcohol Media Literacy is an important step in saying no to consuming alcohol and other harmful substances.

What is Alcohol Media Literacy

Alcohol media literacy is evaluating, analyzing, and understanding the motivations behind digital media communications and messages. It helps you assess the quality and authenticity of the media you are seeing or hearing. Asking yourself these questions are a great way to practice media literacy when viewing or listening to an advertisement.

What is being advertised by the media and what effects will this product have on me?

Who is benefiting more from the sale of the product? The person buying or the person selling?

Is this media message telling me the truth or leaving out important information?

Who is the target audience of the media message and why?

Young Adult Resources on Media Literacy

More Videos on Media Literacy

How many ads do you see each day?